Our Mission

To fully prepare our clients to effectively prevent, plan for, respond to and mitigate cyber incidents.

AffinitasGlobal is a unique provider of specialist cyber incident management consulting and response services. Our portfolio of services help to better prepare our clients to effectively plan for, respond to and mitigate cyber incidents.

We take a different approach to Retained Incident Response preferring to provide a value based proposition to our clients. Our capability maturity programmes are designed to effectively enhance your organisations ability to plan for, respond to and mitigate cyber attacks. They provision a real return on investment and lead to cyber incident management cost reductions over a relatively short period of time.

Our team are “time served” and are well placed to provide a valuable contribution to the Prepare, Respond and Follow-Up stages of the cyber incident management lifecycle.

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Global reach...

AffinitasGlobal are not encumbered by geographical boundaries.

We have experience of working in many global regions and offer a fly-to-site or remote emergency response service.


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Our philosophy

We understand that businesses that have been the subject of a cyber attack seek to restore business as usual operations as soon as possible. Therefore we work hard to combine our deep experience with the latest technologies in order to rapidly resolve the issues you are facing.