Kuwait Oil Themed Malware Targeting Industry

A weaponized excel spreadsheet named “Kuwait oil Company Business Profile.xlsx” using “CVE-2016-7262” vulnerability has been identified by MalCrawler.

Identified indicators are shown below:

FileHash-MD5           7734b4f3fab4cb3c9edf5e185bebeacd 2
FileHash-SHA256     b3e260db478ed2512ee7012054da262bc50df68f96f0e8156826bb87c354c12b 2
FileHash-SHA1         bd9321fbf0e2e4e327b2a1d36566de96c6d0fa35 3
CVE                            CVE-2016-7262 3
FileHash-MD5          f1a3483db13c90412590765829441aa5 3
FileHash-SHA256   fc0eb025d2c4ad4eb9a67cd43d82729d413f2b03234c301a9e0ae1cabad725da 3
URL                           hxxp://\-jb7a 1
URL                           hxxp:// 1
domain                    kockw.us 1
hostname               pdpaso.omnirat.cf

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