Preparing for and responding to a cyber security incident can feel like a daunting process particularly if you feel that your organisation lacks the internal knowledge and resources to deal with a given incident. Traditional retained incident response contracts do little to address that situation for an organisation and provide no return on the investment made to secure such as service.

Assessing and maturing your organisations cyber incident management capability provides a much longer term and cost-efficient solution to prepare for the eventuality and should the time come, respond swiftly and effectively to contain and resolve an incident. Capability improvement also delivers a real return on investment in the short term, as well as providing for future cost savings that are simply not possible with a traditional “pre-bought days” retainer incident response contract.

Many organisations are extremely concerned about potential and actual cyber security attacks, both on their own organisations and in third party or supply chain partners with whom they work. Dealing with cyber security incidents, particularly sophisticated cyber security attacks can be a very difficult task, even for the most advanced organisations. Your organisation should therefore develop a Cyber Security Incident Response capability, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Having the right capability can help you to conduct a thorough investigation and successfully eradicate adversaries who are deeply embedded in your systems. Your Cyber Security Incident Response capability should consist of appropriately skilled people guided by well-designed, repeatable processes that enable the effective use of relevant technologies. It should enable all types of cyber security incidents, from basic malware infections to sophisticated cyber-attacks to be detected quickly, relevant investigation to be undertaken properly (often involving third party experts) and the spread of any damage to be contained.

From this solid foundation, the source of the incident can be eradicated; appropriate remediation undertaken and validated; and relevant information and systems recovered.

However, many organisations do not know their state of readiness to be able to respond to a cyber security incident in an appropriate manner. One of the best ways to help determine this state of readiness is to measure the level of maturity of your cyber security incident response capability, addressing:

  • People, Process, Technology and Information;
  • Preparedness, Response and Follow up activities.

AffinitasGlobal have a wealth of experience in helping businesses react to and recover from real life hacking incidents. We use that experience to work with you to first understand your current cyber incident response capability, and then mature that capability to an effective state over a period of time. And while we are doing that, we provide a 24x7x365 access to our cyber incident response team so that you are assured of having expert help at hand at all times.