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Validation Services

Creating detailed plans is all well and good but do they work in practice? Our validation solutions check and test existing plans for effectiveness, and address proactive tasks to fully mature your capability.

Cutting Edge Tools and Years of Experience Give Us the Edge

The foundation of a successful cyber security programme is planning. Validating that those plans are workable in real world scenarios and that they remain effective over time is a key security enabler.  

Identify weak points in your defence by checking for vulnerabilities across your estate. Close identified gaps quickly to better protect your business.  

Using state of the art Forensic State Analysis techniques our assessment platform quickly identifies malicious activity that has already breached your defences. 

Proactively hunt your network for emerging or existing threats. Combining data obtained from endpoints, servers and network traffic with up to the minute threat intelligence feeds provides for deep visibility of events happening in your network. 

Our fun, yet testing table exercises are developed to suit your business needs, and stress test your organisation with a series of realistic incident scenarios. Does your incident management work? Allow us to test it for you.  

Many organisations are extremely concerned about potential and actual cyber security attacks, both within their own organisation and in organisations that they do business with either through the supply chain or other third-party processes. Dealing with cyber security incidents, particularly sophisticated cyber security attacks, can be a very difficult task, even for the most advanced organisations. Your organisation should therefore develop a Cyber Security Incident Response capability, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

We have a wealth of experience in helping businesses react to and recover from real life hacking incidents. We use that experience to work with you to first understand your current cyber incident response capability, and then mature that capability to an effective state over a period of time. And while we are doing that, we provide a 24/7/365 access to our cyber incident response team so that you are assured of having expert help at hand at all times as you learn.